A Message from our founder

Hello friends! I am Jade (they/them/she/her), and I am the founder of Paper Roads - Paper Roads is a grassroots traveling social justice library that delivers books for loan to low-income, racialized, and Indigenous communities in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Attiwandaronia (Hamilton), Guelph, and the Haldimand Tract (the Tri-Cities). Although we have a diverse collection, we often feature local Queer and Trans/Black, Indigenous and People of Colour authors and creatives and try to support local- and Black-owned bookstores whenever possible. Our services are completely free and community-based and funded. 

Paper Roads combines my training as an academic and educator with my lived experiences as a community organizer to promote easy access to critical and insightful literature. As a PhD candidate and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis, I understand the importance of community-based knowledge mobilization, while, as a cofounder of The People's Pantry, a food justice mutual aid group in and around Tkaronto/the GTHA, I have the networks required to engage in such mobilization. Lastly, as a gender nonbinary queer woman of colour and both a creative and academic writer myself, I know what it means to accessibly provide a wide variety of literature to marginalized groups. Combined, these aspects of my life have not only encouraged but enabled me to create a traveling library by and for the people. Paper Roads is about breaking down geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural barriers to knowledge and art, while celebrating the creative energies of QT/BIPOC within and beyond Kanata. 

Paper Roads is grounded in a radical love of the community, of knowledge, and of art. 

In solidarity and love,

Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa